Girls at KwaLanga schools in townships of Cape Town were thrilled to receive free sanitary pads from Ms. Bathabile Dlamini, the South African Minister of Women, during a Ministerial Outreach Programme on Menstrual Health.

The event took place on 18 May 2017 at Isilimela High School in kwaLanga, Ward 52, where four surrounding schools were identified and invited to attend. An estimated 1000 girl learners took part in the outreach.

The aims were to educate girl learners on menstrual hygiene, to reduce stigma around menstruation, to guide the girls on how to manage their menstrual cycle and to reduce infections that could lead to cervical cancer.

The recipients came from Isilimela High School, Langa High School, Ikamvalethu High School and Khulani High School.